Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Professional Range

If you’re looking to buy a new range, you may be wondering whether an upgrade to a professional range makes the best choice for your lifestyle. Professional ranges not only offer a more pleasing aesthetic look but also provide features superior to standard ranges, making the upgrade a worthwhile investment in terms of both style and culinary capabilities.

Whether you’re considering a specific brand, such as a Thor gas range, or wondering whether an upgrade is worth it, this post walks you through the top three reasons why a professional range from Premier Home Supply can make a great fit for a variety of lifestyles and homes.

Thor gas range

Benefits of Professional Ranges

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need skills like a professional chef to enjoy a professional range. Whether you cook a lot or just a little bit, a professional range can offer a wider range of capabilities and an upgrade in styles that you can’t get with standard ranges. If you’ve just begun searching out the benefits of professional ranges or you’re on the fence about which to choose, these benefits reveal just how a professional range can enhance your home and lifestyle.

Expanded culinary capabilities: Whether you think you consider yourself a basic cook or a talented home chef, a professional range extends the possibilities of what and how you can cook at home. Most standard ranges come in 30-inch widths to accommodate standard cutouts in cabinetry. However, professional ranges come in a variety of wider sizes, easily incorporated into the design of your kitchen.

With wider ranges available, you not only have more space for cooking on the cooktop, but you also get more space inside the oven. For the cooktop, you often have space for a griddle, and most professional ranges, like the 36-inch Thor gas range, utilize continuous cooking grates that accommodate any size of cookware as well as different techniques simultaneously. With this kind of size and flexibility, you can cook on several burners with a variety of cookware, which supports large holiday meal prep, a home chef’s culinary efforts, and basic everyday cooking.

Elevated style and improved aesthetic: Standard ranges are just that—standard. You not only get just basic colors but also basic options. However, with professional ranges, you can select products with a variety of colors, not simply black or brushed nickel, oversized knobs, and even ones that possess a vintage look. The sleek styling of professional ranges looks at home in any kitchen design, and the minimalist back design allows for a seamless look with your backsplash. A pro-inspired range becomes a functional statement piece for your kitchen.

Premium options: While some standard ranges offer duel-fuel options, that feature is more of a rule than an exception for pro-style ranges. Duel-fuel ranges give you excellent control of gas-fueled burners for your cooktop that allow for exacting temperature control at each burner. However, electric-powered ovens provide ideal temperature management perfect for baking.

In addition to wider dimensions for more cooking and baking space, these ranges typically also come with heavy-duty grates on the cooktop that hold up to moving pots and pans but clean up easily. Gas cooktops that are more cumbersome for cleaning on standard ranges easily wipe clean with porcelain-lined trays. The ovens also feature bold-colored porcelain interiors that blend upgraded style with heavy-duty functionality.

In terms of cooking options, you get high-powered burners that get to higher temperatures than standard versions but also allow for dynamic control of temperatures so that you can boil and simmer with ease on one burner while performing delicate techniques like melting chocolate on another. The smooth glide racks in the oven give your baking finesse as well. Typically with ball-bearing glide systems, the racks slide without collapsing cakes or tipping bubbling casseroles. In addition, most pro-inspired ranges also include racks that offer extra extension, making any check you make on your baking even simpler.

Thor gas range

Considerations for Professional Ranges

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your kitchen with a quality, professionally inspired range, while you narrow down your choices to a specific brand, like the Thor gas range, you also need to make some specific considerations that differ from traditional ranges. The following considerations can help you choose the right range for your needs and your specific kitchen design:

  • Space: Professional ranges come in a variety of sizes, not just the standard 30 inches. If you are completely redesigning your kitchen, you have to allow for the extra space when calculating your cabinet opening if you plan to purchase a size wider than standard. If you already have cabinets installed, you may need to move a cabinet out to accommodate the extra space, but you can also find plenty of high-end ranges in a standard size to fit into your current space.
  • Ventilation: If you plan on getting a gas range, you’ll need proper ventilation. If you don’t already have a ventilation range hood, they are not only easy to install but also come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials to complement every kitchen’s design aesthetic.
  • Power: If you’re designing a kitchen for a new-construction home or a kitchen remodel, you need to account for how you plan to power your range. Particularly, if you want to include a gas range or duel-fuel range, you’ll need a gas line. So ensure you either have a gas line installed or can get one installed to accommodate a gas range. If you’re just replacing an all-electric range with a gas one, before you make the purchase, be sure you can get a gas line installed if you don’t already have one. Some homes have both already installed, and you can typically tell because of the valve attached to the hookup area.

If you’re considering purchasing a professional-looking range instead of just a standard one, you can enjoy expanded capabilities and precision control, not to mention an upgraded aesthetic that combines style and functionality. Whether you want to cook a little or a lot or you use chef-like techniques or need a range for everyday cooking tasks, Premier Home Supply has a wide variety of brands and styles to fit your design style and culinary needs.