All About ILVE Ranges: Italian Luxury with an Antique Look

When you’re ready to purchase a range, but you want a centerpiece for your kitchen, not simply something to cook on, ILVE ranges fit the bill perfectly. These ranges have a nostalgic look and feel, come in a variety of colors, sizes, and customizable features and add a bespoke feel to your kitchen.

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen or are building a kitchen from scratch, this post breaks down the details of these professional ranges so you can see how a luxury range can enhance not just the look of your kitchen but elevate your cooking as well.

ILVE ranges

The Basics of ILVE Ranges

While many professional ranges share a lot of the same features, ILVE ranges stand apart with their unique look and available features. If you’re looking for an antique or Italian luxury look in your kitchen, you can customize your range to meet aesthetic and culinary needs. Just consider some of the details of these unique professional ranges:

  • Variety of models: Selecting between ILVE models isn’t simply a matter of color or size. ILVE offers a wide array of ranges that fall into one of three distinctive series. Each series may share many of the same functions, but each has a defined difference. The Nostalgie series has a timeless look but is the only model where you can opt for rounded oven windows and either brass, chrome, or bronze trim. The Majestic model is the only model that has digital controls and induction cooking, and the Professional Plus series, as the name suggests, has a professional look and feel with rounded knobs, a tubular handle, and a high-end industrial look that comes in a variety of metal finishes.
  • Wide aesthetic appeal: Most professional ranges look like they belong in industrial kitchens and focus on elevated culinary needs, but a range created by ILVE offers more than just a singular professional look. While you can certainly get the professional, polished metal look to match any kitchen with an industrial aesthetic, you can get a wide range of other finishes and details that match an array of other kitchen styles. You can customize your range to match a farmhouse aesthetic, antique look, Italian luxury, and more.
  • A large array of detailed customizations: Most people think of extra-large ranges when they think of professional-style ranges. However, size shouldn’t be the only element that offers you a way to customize your look. With ILVE, you can select not only from a variety of sizes but also colors that go beyond the basic black or white or a variety of metal finishes. You can further customize details depending on the series, such as the trim, shapes of the knobs and handle, burner configurations, and fuel type.
  • Superior quality: When you purchase an ILVE, you can count on it being a quality range that becomes not only a centerpiece for your kitchen but also a trusted, consistent, culinary tool. All ILVE ranges are handcrafted pieces made of surgical-grade stainless steel, making them rustproof and more hygienic than most rivals. The heavy-duty hinges give you confidence in closing and can withstand up to 55 pounds of pressure. And with cooktops containing heavy-duty cast-iron trivets and brass burners, you get quality, durability, and function all in one range.
  • High performance: Regardless of the size of your range or from what series you select, you can count on its superior cooking performance. The brass burners are uncompromising in both quality and performance. The density of brass offers stability at higher temperatures compared to commonly used aluminum, and the burner holes are machined on an angle so that your flame curls in, not out in the room, which means you can count on a consistent, hot blue flame.

ILVE ranges

High-Performance Oven Functions

With an ILVE range, you can enjoy a wide range of high-performance oven functions that give you a lot of versatility so you can enjoy an array of capabilities with your oven. You don’t have to be a trained chef to enjoy these different functions. A home cook or those who feel like they have very basic skills in the kitchen will find these capabilities not just highly functional for their needs but also a great way to ensure they can do more with their stove than they ever thought capable. In addition to functions you can get on standard stoves, some of the great functions of an ILVE stove include:

  • Pizza function: Although it’s called the pizza function, this function is perfect for both pizza as well as bread. This function supplies heat from the bottom primarily to give you the ideal cooking atmosphere for breads and pizza.
  • Defrost function: Rather than wait on food to defrost in your refrigerator and to avoid dangerous bacteria from forming by leaving food on the counter to defrost, you can use your ILVE oven’s defrost function. This function brings it up to room temperature without disturbing the look and taste of the food.
  • Quick start preheat function: While we often forget to add in the time to defrost food, we can get thrown off track further just waiting for your oven to warm up to the correct temperature, but ILVE solves that by offering a quick start function that allows you to preheat your oven quickly.
  • Intense cooking: When you need quick, intense cooking, this function provides it with steam exhaust, which is great for roasted vegetables, fish, or things with a crust.
  • Grill cooking: From fan grill cooking to closed-door grill cooking, you can grill indoors in your ILVE oven and perfect steaks and ribs just as you would on an outdoor grill.

Regardless of which series you choose from, ILVE ranges not only add a significant element of style to your kitchen, but they give you the culinary capabilities you’ve always wanted. From the trained chef to the basic cook, you will find that a customized range handcrafted by ILVE offers the quality and function that makes any kitchen a highly capable one.